Finally. I have some time for self.  The kids have gone to school. Minal is in office. She would be late today – her conference calls never seem to end. I remember my own experience. People from my past would probably be shocked at first and then secretly smirk if they hear about my present state. Fifty one years old and a grandmother. Six years ago if I were to know my future, I would have smirked too. Life can change in an instant. Before you can say ‘no’.

I wasn’t like this always. A postgraduate with expertise in a highly specialized area, I was a sought-after professional. I worked with some of the best companies in the world. I made lot of money. Lost it too. Minal came into my life when I was thirty three and madly in love with you.

Do you remember those days Mohit? The carefree days when we were bound by all kinds of social obligations, morality trash and responsibilities towards family and yet, had time to sneak in an hour or two every week to be with each other? I cannot speak for you but I know you secretly agree with me: those days were the best days of our relationship. 

You came into my life when I was just beginning to get used to a semi-arranged marriage. You became my world. Just when I made up my mind to say goodbye to all the ties and follow my heart and you, you decided to vanish. Yes, I agree we made the decision together but you initiated it and you wanted it more than I did. I wanted to die then.  Spending the rest of my life with you was my dream that never materialised. Those five years of my life – thirty one to thirty six, were the best and will remain so. Do you feel the same way about those years Mohit?

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